1. What street do you live on? short answer
  2. How long have you lived there? short answer
  3. Are you a member of BHA? Yes or no
  4. Would you support MSMU having larger shuttle vans if that resulted in fewer total vehicle trips? Yes or no, explain
  5. Do you experience loud noise from the MSMU campus? If so, when (days and hours) and what kind of noise. Yes or no, explain
  6. Do you experience bright lights from the MSMU campus? If so, when (days and hours) and what kind of lights. Yes or no ,explain
  7. Pre-Covid, did you experience MSMU traffic going in the incorrect direction (up Norman and down Bundy is the correct route)? Yes or no, explain
  8. Pre-Covid, did you experience MSMU vehicles (students/staff) parking on residential streets? Yes or no, explain If so, primarily which days/hours? Short abnswer
  9. Pre-Covid, how did the activities at MSMU on the weekends compare with mid-week? More, less, about same
  10. What is your opinion about a MSMU emergency plan that would provide for students, staff, and visitors sheltering in place (with LAFD presence) instead of evacuating? Brief answer
  11. If construction is permitted on the campus, should construction vehicles go up Norman and down Bundy, or up and down Bundy? Brief answer
  12. Assuming approximately 2,000 car trips per day (both directions) related to MSMU traffic pre-Covid, how many fewer trips would mitigate the school’s traffic impact? 100, 200, 300, more
  13. What is your opinion about limited use of the campus for outside events (weddings, filming)? Brief answer
  14. What specific experience do you have associated with MSMU that you would like to change or eliminate? Brief answer
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