Summary of Project

Alternative 5 in the FEIR modifies the original proposed project. The project would change physically and operationally. The following is a summary provided by MSMU in the FEIR.

Physical Description

Mount Saint Mary’s University (MSMU) is proposing a 35,500-square-foot, two-story Wellness Pavilion (the “Project”) on its Chalon Campus. The 3.8-acre Project Site is currently developed with a fitness building, two tennis courts, a swimming pool, and two Facilities Management Buildings. The existing recreational facilities are limited to an approximately 1,030-square-foot building that houses a small collection of exercise equipment, an outdoor pool area, and two tennis courts.

Alternative 5 involves the demolition of two tennis courts, the outdoor pool area, one Facilities Management Building and the Fitness Center Building, and several surface parking lots on a 3.8-acre portion of the 45-acre Mount Saint Mary’s (MSMU) Chalon Campus, and the development of a 35,500 square-foot two-story Wellness Pavilion, a new outdoor pool area, landscaped open space, and several surface parking lots totaling 186 vehicle spaces (a net decrease of 46 spaces).

The Wellness Pavilion would provide students, faculty, and staff with a gym, multi-purpose rooms, a physical therapy lab, dance and cycling studios, lockers, showers, restrooms, and an equipment storage area.


MSMU currently hosts various events throughout the year on the Campus. In addition to these events, MSMU has identified three new sets of potential events/activities that could occur on the Project Site and could be attended by outside guests, students, faculty, and/or staff. Two existing events with potential attendance increases, currently held at the Campus would be moved to the Wellness Pavilion, and Club Sports, but not intercollegiate sports, would be permitted.  The frequency and estimated attendance of events under the Project (evaluated in the Draft EIR) and Alternative 5 can be viewed here.

1 – External Summer Sports Camps Made Available to the Public

  • Expected to have attendees ranging from approximately 50 to 200 campers, with a maximum attendance up to 400 persons inclusive of instructors, parents/drivers, etc.
  • Camps could be single-day or multi-day (i.e., seven day, week-long camp), whereby campers could arrive and stay the night in the dormitories.
  • Camps could occur throughout the week during the summer over a 12-week period. With no summer student sessions occurring at the Campus, the camps would not overlap with student school sessions.

2 – Health and Wellness Speaker Series (Maximum of Eight Annually) Would Be Held at the Proposed Wellness Pavilion

  • The number of attendees would range from 50 to 200 students, and 50 to 250 outside attendees, for a maximum total of 450 attendees.
  • Student access/traffic would be similar to existing current Campus shuttle services.
  • Attendance at Wellness Speaker Series events would be limited to prevent additional parking spillover into the neighborhood.

3 – Other Wellness/Sports Events/Activities Would Be Held at the Proposed Wellness Pavilion Throughout the Year on a Periodic Basis

  • Such activities could occur on a weekday or weekend, with times varying by event from morning to evening hours.
  • These activities would be limited to a maximum of twelve annually.
  • Activities could include MSMU community or external rental activities.
  • The number of attendees would range from 50 to 400 outside attendees.

In addition, Alternative 5 would implement operational changes with respect to these events at the Wellness Pavilion that would establish maximum daily vehicle trip caps for Health and Wellness Speaker Series, Other Wellness/Sports Activities, Summer Sports Camps, and Club Sports activities; prohibit pedestrian access to the Campus except when pedestrians have not arrived by a private vehicle; and move Health and Wellness Speaker Series, Other Wellness/Sports Activities, and Club Sports activities outside of AM and PM peak hours.