Major Issues of Concern

  • Rather than adhere to programs designed for the education of enrolled students, MSMU wants to operate a new twelve-week summer camp and to host multiple large events for outside guests, including new events made possible by the proposed over-sized gym that would be allowed to generate 310 outside guest vehicle trips per day.  The proposed programming of the Pavilion directly contradicts the responses to comments made by the School that “the Wellness Pavilion will serve the existing students and will not lead to increased usage and/or commercialization of the Campus.”
  • Instead of an early and efficient evacuation in the event of fire, MSMU wants the limited LAFD resources diverted from protecting our homes and allocated instead to its campus where they want to shelter-in-place (where they think students will remain instead of creating chaos as they get themselves out of danger).
  • Instead of a significant reduction in vehicle trips (like Brentwood School and Archer School), MSMU wants to be able to increase its 1,800 average daily vehicle trips to over 2,100 daily vehicle trips, and continue to account for 30% of the daily trips in Bundy Canyon (which all begin and end on congested Sunset Blvd). The traffic on our residential streets and on Sunset has gone beyond the tipping point and must be reduced, not increased.
  • MSMU refuses to place a reasonable cap on enrollment like every other school, preferring to expand its facilities while reserving the right to expand its enrollment (which already violates its permit). MSMU calculates its maximum enrollment based on parking spaces, which means adding surface parking results in additional students without any review by the City on the impacts of this increase.
  • Instead of acknowledging that MSMU is one school with two intertwined campuses, MSMU wants to expand its campus in Brentwood without any restrictions on how its Downtown campus grows and impacts Brentwood.