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How will the proposed Mount Saint Mary’s University Wellness Pavilion Project impact our neighborhood?

Mount Saint Mary’s proposed Wellness Pavilion is more than a 35,000 square foot “gym” for its students.  The project includes outside events that will bring more traffic to our narrow and fire threatened streets.  MSMU purports in Alternative 5 to have listened to the community and made alterations that will mitigate impacts. However, the facts tell a different story.

  • The Pavilion will increase average daily vehicle trips to over 2,100 from 1,800 in 2018;
  • There is no required enrollment cap for MSMU’s Chalon Campus, which allows for future growth and more impacts on the surrounding neighborhood and community;
  • Additional events and new programming for outside guests (including a twelve-week summer camp) commercialize the campus and contradicts the School’s promotional materials that the Wellness Pavilion will serve existing students;
  • The fire safety and protection plan would leave the community with fewer firefighters and equipment while the students shelter-in-place;
  • The project lacks rigorous and enforceable conditions to protect the community from adverse impacts.

What can we do?

Now is the time to make your concerns known to the City Planning Commission and Councilmember Bonin.  Both the Commission and Councilmember Bonin have the authority to make changes to the Project that will protect our community.  We have seen MSMU change from a small residential college to a larger commuter school that now brings thousands of cars to our narrow, residential streets in a high risk fire zone.  Yet MSMU operates without conditions under which other schools in the Sunset Corridor operate, such as enrollment caps, mandatory Transportation Management Programs and limits on the size and number of events.  Without these protections for the community, the Project would negatively affect our community.  Please use this LINK to send a letter to the Commission and Councilmember Bonin, asking for measurable and enforceable conditions that mitigate the significant impacts from this Project.

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City Planning Commission Hearing Scheduled for October 21, 2021

The next step in the entitlement process is a hearing in front of the City Planning Commission.  Prior to the hearing, Kathleen King, from LA City Department of Planning, will issue a staff recommendation report. More information about how to attend the virtual hearing can be found here.

Please check back for updates and links to documents. All letters to the Commission must be submitted by October 11. They count. Send your letter NOW.